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April is not your regular 27 year old blonde street prostitute. She is an outlaw working and living under the police radar by using her body as a commodity. But it was not always like this for April. She was married but her husband used to beat her up and sexually abuse her. No wonder she eventually acquired her liking for rough anal sex. She gives her body away to any paying customer, giving blowjobs then letting a cock penetrate her pussy then her tight ass hole all in exchange for a few dollars. It’s a hard life for April, but at least she’s having a lot of sex while she’s at it.

Bekcy Sue

Bekcy Sue

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This professional street walker named Becky Sue has had her string of unfortunate life events that finally led her into her escape via the prostitution route. She was used and abused repeatedly by her own family members, had to live through the horror of seeing someone’s face get blown off at their living room and a lot more that were too much for a young woman to handle. She escapes and now she lives off selling sex and in showing off her specialty – the Anal Fist of Fury. Watch and get astounded by her ingenuity to try and set herself apart from all those others walking the streets.



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Jessie’s dream was to be a high class whore in New York. Well, she is a whore all right; at least she crossed one thing off her list. Her years of expertise in the prostitution world have led her to acquire an unquenchable thirst for being “air tight”. She boasts of her love for all her three holes being banged simultaneously and she also has a few tricks up her sleeve. She is infamous for her kinky kind of sexual adventures, done to oblivious men who just paid her for the banging and for her to get down and suck their cocks dry.



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Karen was a beautiful woman that is set to become a mother. She is eight months pregnant with a child who she conceived with one of her customers so she really doesn’t know who or where the baby daddy is now. She is sick with pneumonia too but she doesn’t mind cause she is desperate to score some crack and heroin to feed her addiction. She prides in her expertise as a three hole slut and shows the paying customer just how good she is at handling a cock even with that huge baby bump. She takes it up her pussy too then sucks up all his man juice right after he pounds her tight ass hole.



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Kimberly is a self-proclaimed heroin junkie and she will do whatever it takes to score another shot. But she settles for crack when she cannot get to her heroin fix so she definitely gets an honorary crack whore badge. This whore is a shy type when it comes to exchanging sex for drugs but she has no choice but to do it anyway so she grips the man’s package like it was a prize and shoves it in deep inside her mouth. Deep throating that cock is like massaging her tonsils and she does not stop until she gags on his man thing. This whore is definitely a pro at blowjobs and will surely get a tip from her customer.



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Kimmy is definitely a crack whore and she can do nothing else but just be proud of what she has become. She has lost all the healthy weight and has become as skinny as a pole and her tits look nothing like they should be the first time they had a sexual encounter. She pulls on her shot out breasts and calls them “Marshmallow Tits”. She also shows off her special tampon insertion skill, not in her pussy but in her butt hole! She is one sick crack whore alright and having a good fuck might just be the only thing that keeps her sane.



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Once a voluptuous beauty at 210 pounds, Louise has since converted to the infamous crack diet and lost a whole lot of weight that she no longer looks like herself. Quick trips to the street and she gets to fuel her addiction and there are one too many potential paying customers around town. She quickly strips and shows off her cracked out body then bends down to give her man a blowjob fit for a king. She hopes to get extra for her services to finance a little more crack so she makes up for her lack of a great body with a great fucking performance.



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Mary is more than just the street hooker, she claims she used to rob banks to finance her thousand-dollar a day crack habit! She certainly is a fiend in more ways than one and we can’t totally blame her for the choices she has made with her life. She tells her story of being sexually abused by both her father and step father who took turns in ruining the life of a young woman. At 19 she turned pro and the rest as they say is history. She says she hates being a whore but thinks the wild rides are fun. She definitely is a whore and is far from getting out of that world.


Crack Whore Confessions3

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Red is a second generation crack addict and she does not seem to mind how she is living her life as long as she can get her hands on some crack cocaine. She came out of high school and straight into street walking and a young woman like her had her share of paying customers. The fast money brought her even closer to the crack pipe and she spends her days fucking around till she gets enough to get her another fix. She says her mother was a whore too but she couldn’t care less about her life anymore so long as the crack remains in continuous supply for her.



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Suzy has been living the life of a street hooker for so long she could barely remember when she started. But admittedly she is happy with how her life turned out and she says she loves her job. The sex, the money and of course the crack all are part of her colorful life of crack addiction. She loves to give little treats to her customers like hand jobs and if you pay her extra, she’d be willing to make it even more special for you. She has had her share of aggressively violent sexual experiences and her personal life, as she says, has been a total mess but still she feels happy and content.